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Helping You Recover

Hawaii physical therapy

Whether you’re facing the aftermath of a physical injury, preparing for a surgical operation, or recovering from a surgery, a well-designed physical therapy program can help accelerate the healing and strengthening process so you can get back to living the quality, active, and pain-free lifestyle that you deserve.

Our team of licensed therapists specialize in a variety of services like hands-on manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, aquatherapy, and modalities such as cupping, electric therapy, and ultrasound. The common conditions and disabilities that these types of therapies help treat include rotator cuff tears, lower back pain, shoulder and knee tendonitis, headaches, and sports injuries.

Every road to recovery is a unique process. We take pride in nurturing each of our patients on an individual basis by developing a custom program that fits their specific needs and that also carefully align with the recommendations from physicians and other care providers that refer to our services.